The members of the Board and advisors are persons of diverse professional and personal experience, in several continents. Members hold or have held senior positions in the legal professional, banking, accounting, philanthropy, social impact investment, education and government and many sectors of business life, consulting.

They have served on many boards.  Profiles are viewable when you place your cursor on names.



Mark is President of the International Association for Court Administration, a visiting fellow at Oxford University and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Expert Network.

He is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Global Legal Action Network, advisor to the Board of Resolve Disputes Online, a member of The Innovation Working Group of the Task Force on Justice focused on addressing UN SDG 16.3 and a member of the International Council of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mark served as the Chief Executive of the Dubai International Finance Centre’s Dispute Resolution Authority, Registrar General of the DIFC Courts and a Small Claims Tribunal judge for over 10 years, recently returning to the UK.

During his 21 years in the United Arab Emirates, Mark also held various board positions, including four years as Chairman of the British Business Group, Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

Before joining the DIFC Courts in 2008, Mark served as Regional Counsel for South Asia, Middle East and Africa, and then Vice President, Sales and Corporate Services, for MasterCard. Prior to that, he started out in his career as a company and commercial lawyer for Edge and Ellison before joining Clyde & Co in Dubai. He has also worked as corporate finance lawyer at Man Investments in Switzerland.

With an in-depth knowledge of the Middle East and surrounding areas, Mark’s association with Outer Temple Chambers will allow him to assist us greatly with our work in the region and with other exciting commercial projects and initiatives.

Mark is now based in Oxford, UK and will be a valuable addition to Outer Temple Chambers on both a domestic and an international level.

Frans Jan Burkens


Frans Jan Burkens is a specialist in Marketing and Finance across both profit and non-profit organisations. Mr. Burkens works extensively with High Net Worth families across continents in areas of private equity, philanthropy, sponsoring and investments. Frans is passionate about innovation as he introduced and led Global Innovation Programs and Innovation Labs for different organisations. Frans also mentors’ start-ups in different industries.

Mr. Burkens obtained a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Geology and is a Master of Science in Project Management.



Juan Guardado has 10 years of experience in East Africa, playing a key role in setting up several businesses all focused on creating a sustainable future for those in the region.

Currently, Mr. Guardado is Founder and Managing Director of Natural Extract Industries in Tanzania, a social enterprise pioneering the production of natural flavours which benefit thousands of smallholder farmers. This company was runner up for Nestlé’s Creating Shared Value Prize 2016, won an award from the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund in 2016, and hosted the bi-annual Vanilla Global Conference in 2019.

In 2015, Juan became a Director at Grameen Foundation and led teams in Kenya and Uganda. The Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poorest people reach their full potential through the use of mobile technology-enabled operations. Prior to joining the foundation, he was deputy CEO at Equity for Tanzania Ltd, a lease financing institution focused on micro and small enterprises, before that, he spent five years in McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office in London, focused on health technology.  

Juan, started his career developing patented graphics rendering technologies at Matrox Graphics Inc (Canada) and Nvidia Corp (USA and UK). He holds a B.Eng. from McGill University and an MBA from INSEAD. Juan has made it his personal mission in life to catalyse large-scale deployment of impact capital to achieve a more equitable and sustainable world.



Kim went to university in London at 16 and left to set up her own Interior Design business at the age of 18.  By the age of 21 and numerous projects later Kim’s company was voted one of Hong Kong’s top ten design companies by Hong Kong leading design magazine. Kim consulted on a number of Interior Design projects during this time, in Hong Kong, the Philippines, and France.

Kim believes that creatives and critical thinkers like herself are designers. Their role is to immerse themselves in the everyday world, absorb or sense cultural changes, values and market trends, and use their brains and guts to create responsible and courageous concepts. As Mark Gobe says. “Their job is to be the ambassadors between corporations and the marketplace, the link that creates the language of emotion. Designers are often known solely for their designs – the expression of their imagination – but at their best they also can be an incredible driving force as “conceptual provocateurs.” Heartfelt design is passionate and encompasses a desire to make the world a better place.” 

After leaving her company, Kim devoted her time to research and analysis of countries and systems, seeking a viable methodology to change the world and its underlying systems, peacefully and effectively.  She also worked for periods in research, exhibitions and real estate.

Over time Kim, working with other volunteers and friends from time to time, Kim developed a blueprint for a sustainable, member-based economic community designed to work in parallel with global financial and monetary systems and redress systemic flaws inherent in each.  Elements of the system included alternative mechanisms that would generate both financial profits and planetary benefits, including global, commodity-backed parallel currencies, full-reserve banking systems, regenerative commerce, ethical investment funds, social networking, inclusive governance, etc.

Kim is the founder of TTG, a movement and platform in support of the Global Goals, acting as an accelerator, aggregator and connector, which will be launched after incubation is completed in 2019.



Amanda Line has been a Partner at PWC Middle East for almost 10 year. Previously, Mrs. Line was Managing Director and Founder of several training and consultancy businesses in Asia as well as owning a food and Beverage business in the Middle East with a turnover of 5m Dirhams.

In her current role, as Partner, she is responsible for the education business. Amanda’s business is making a difference in the MENA region by providing world class training to a population that has not always had access to such globally competitive education. This business, focused on education and training is Amanda’s passion. This passion has been acknowledged throughout her 35-year career of helping people build the skills they need to be successful, and, in turn, building stronger businesses and economies.

Amanda grew up in London and obtain her Chartered Accountant’s Degree from the City of London University. She is an advisor and member of 5 different boards namely, ICAEW Middle East and UK, the Strategic Advisory Board of the British Embassies (UAE), Governor and Chair of Governance Committee Dubai College and Trustee and Governor of Windlesham House School in the UK.

In her personal life, her husband, who is an Emirates Airline Pilot, has been her biggest supporter throughout her career and together they have has raised 3 children.

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Raj Mehta is a strategic thinker, a financial and commercial advisor. Mr Mehta has had a successful career with over 20 years of experience across various sectors namely real estate and construction, hospitality, transport and tourism and financial services. Raj, is the Investment Advisor to the Chief Investment Officer, and also leading the Media and Real Estate sectors of Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding (the new Sovereign Wealth Fund of Abu Dhabi), with Assets Under Management of >$100bn.