“2020 heralds the standing up of the Transformation movement, through the mobilisation of key Partners and Supporters and development of the conceptual strategy and concept of operations.”
“2021 will see the mobilisation, of the Games Organizing Committee, the commencement of a Global Advocate movement, and the announcement of the Prize Fund strategy.”
“2022 will see the 1 year to go campaign in full swing, the Games Competition calendar further refined with the delivery of further test events and the announcement of the celebrity Judging panel and associated Prize Funds.”
“The First Transformation Games held in 2023 signals a new Major Event and the coming together of a movement that seeks to change the world for the better.”

Planning is under way

shaping the GAMES

The Planning is underway with JLC. 

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2020 The year ahead

Planning is underway


Foundation /Concept Website Publicly Launched
Grants and Foundations funding opportunities identified
"UN Global Impact strategic partnership announced "
UN Goodwill Ambassadors and other Ambassadors identified
03 JAN
09 JAN
13 JAN
21 JAN


"Governance structure established & 2023 Biding Process initiated"
Founding partners and supporters announced
Grants and Other Applications submitted
17 Countries Identified
Potential TTG Host Cities identified
01 FEB
14 FEB
27 FEB
23 FEB
28 FEB


First Global Ambassadors Announced
Global Communications Agency confirmed
"2023 City Selection inspections commence"
Key Sources of funding agreed
07 MAR
14 MAR
19 MAR
23 MAR


Online Community Portal developer appointed
"Workshop with UN "
"National Committee Orientations commence"
"Social Media Strategy agreed"
GTF Annual Meeting
01 APR
08 APR
11 APR
17 APR
25 APR


Three Years Out and Road Map announced
Worldwide Launch of the TTG Website
Media Partner Discussions commenced
Funding Round 1 commenced
01 MAY
18 MAY
31 MAY


Operational Delivery Model agreed
"Brand Strategy Updated "
Constituent Experience Roadmaps developed
Online Community Platform launched
Preliminary Competition Management Strategy
LOC Organisation launched
04 JUN
07 JUN
14 JUN
22 JUN
25 JUN
30 JUN


Partnership Forum held
Marketing Plan Approved
"Approach to Non-Sport Events Documented"
Qualifying Competition Concept approved
01 JUL
02 JUL
20 JUL
23 JUL


"SDG World Tour sets sail"
"National Games Committees Forum "
"LOC Organizing Committee design agreed"
"Online Community Advocates Forum"
Preliminary Marketing and Awareness campaigns activated
16 AUG
18 AUG
20 AUG
23 AUG
30 AUG


"UN General Assembly "
2023 Games City Selected announced
"Transformation Games Website Launched"
"2023 LOC Governance structure established"
"17 Nations and First Global Sponsors announced"
15 SEP
15 SEP
15 SEP
21 SEP
23 SEP


"GTF Executive team appointed "
"2023 TTG Board of Directors established "
Concept of Operations V2
"Expo 2020 Begins TTG showcased at Dutch Pavilion"
"Games Technology Strategy Agreed"
"National Games Committee Established and Accredited"
01 OCT
12 OCT
13 OCT
20 OCT
23 OCT
28 OCT


Detailed Masterplan prepared
2023 TTG Identity Unveiled
LOC Key Staffing positions recruited
05 NOV
24 NOV
19 NOV


Event Media Partners announced
"Avatar 2 World Premiere "
"First 2023 TTG Coordination Commission Held"
"Funding Round 2 concluded and Budget V1 developed"
01 DEC
10 DEC
14 DEC
17 DEC

Getting to 2023 DRAFT


Global Transformation Foundation established
Brochure and Collateral Material developed
UN partnership strategy defined
Conceptual Business Plan and 1 year to go roadmap developed
Commercial Strategy Framework agreed
Concept of Operations and Budget agreed (Conceptual V1)
Bid book and supporting materials developed
21 SEP
28 OCT
01 NOV
15 NOV
05 DEC
12 DEC
28 DEC


"Governance structure established & 2023 Bidding Process initiated"
Founding partners and supporters announced
First Global Ambassadors Announced
"National Games Committees established"
2023 Games City announced
Governance structure established
"17 Nations and First Global Sponsors announced"
Concept of Operations V2
"Funding Round 1 concluded and Budget V1 developed"
01 FEB
14 FEB
07 MAR
15 AUG
15 SEP
21 SEP
23 SEP
20 OCT
17 DEC


"Organizing Committee detailed preparations underway"
"2 Years to Go campaign (Global Awareness campaign)"
Partners and Supporters for the 2023 event announced
UN Opening of General Assembly
Prize Fund strategy agreed
"Qualifying Competition Plan announced including broadcast plans"
Concept of Operations V3 and preliminary Competition Calendar announced
Global Citizen Live two year out celebration
13 FEB
15 APR
15 OCT
17 SEP
15 AUG
25 SEP
05 OCT
10 DEC


Qualifying Competitions Commence
Venues Agreements Signed
1 Year to Go campaign activated (Celebrity Judging Panel announced)
Competition Calendar further refined
Games Budget finalised
Further Games Concept Tests held
Prize Fund announced
08 JAN
10 FEB
15 MAR
07 MAY
19 MAY
15 AUG
15 SEP


"Final Marketing Campaign Commences"
20 JAN
Games Readiness preparations commenced
01 FEB
"Final Partner and Supporter Summit held"
01 MAY
13 JAN
World Economic Forum Event
25 JAN
"Global Awareness Activity commences"
10 FEB
"The Inaugural Transformation Games are held"