The AIM OF THE Transformation Games

has been TO ENABLE

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1. To be a global wake-up call and an invitation to participate in a peoples’ movement. It will be a dramatic, high impact, thought-provoking and inspiring mega event to command attention, global media coverage and be a springboard for action
2. To accelerate a shared approach to solving global problems and to mobilize collective action increasing awareness, conviction and pressure
3. To ignite excitement, pride and purpose. Change needs to be embraced at all levels, by all ages, religions, regions to usher in a new view of the future as an exciting adventure in which we each have a purposeful part to play
4. To influence governments, institutions, firms, universities, schools and communities to set specific SDG goals, charters for change, timelines, teams and budgets
5. To co-create a shared narrative vision that creates hope for the future, reducing populist fears and contributing toward shaping fairer, accountable and sustainable economic systems.
6. To encourage improved political architecture and system-redesign.
7. To raise TTG to the same global stature and viewership level as the Olympic Games, over time, as a flagship of transformation. Recurring in a different city on a different continent every two years
8. To spur a call to action, quite literally, through social media for participants, attendees, media and global viewers voting (or expressing their wishes) to inspire ideas and debate around new, more effective forms of cooperation - from the global level to the local community.
9. To offer a golden opportunity to gather together experts from different disciplines, different nations to share ideas, to discuss how to design the future and better govern the world, to secure a better future for all - not “behind closed doors” but engaging with others.
10. To inspire each other to inspire one another. Around the world, there are so many existing solutions to effectively address our challenges. We need to shine a light on them and inspire others to adopt them and replicate them.
11. To fuel ideas and fresh thinking on how international cooperation could work better.
12. To be a peaceful catalyst of ideas and action, a non-threatening, non-violent popular movement and dialogue that grows virally into a positive action-orientated movement.

13. To shape new thinking and behaviour. 

For this we must change the perception of what is ‘sexy and cool.’ This is what is cool.